statmath GmbH

Our DNA and what defines us

The mass of data collected continues to increase, this flood of information presents many entrepreneurs and institutions with a large “?”. What to do with the information? How to deal with this challenge? The origin of our young company lies in mathematics. As an agile software company, the last few years have offered us a unique opportunity to record and store data with increasing possibilities. With a broad-based team, we are able to answer these questions and generate real added value for our customers.

We're a first-hour data science company.

The founding team has been analysing large amounts of data since 2009. At that time the term “Big Data” was not yet born.

We're a diverse team.

Our international team of mathematicians, computer scientists, engineers, graphic designers, business economists, and linguists is our great strength.

We're a speedboat, not a tanker.

The basis for our sustainable corporate development is our agility as well as our high innovation and implementation power.


The primordial Cells

Christian Friedrich

M.Sc., MBA (Managing Director)
hover-image Christian Friedrich
Alexander Hoffmann

Dr.rer.nat (Managing Director)
hover-image Alexander Hoffmann

The genetic Pool

Felipe Campos

M.Sc. (Head of Data Management)

hover-image Felipe Campos
Sebastian Leven

B.A. (Head of Frontend & Design)

hover-image Sebastian Leven
Vanessa Roth

M.A. (Head of Corporate Communications, Assistant to the Managing Director)

hover-image Vanessa Roth
Jean Zimmermann

M.Sc. (Consultant Software Development)

hover-image Jean Zimmermann
Benedikt Wystup

Administrator IT-Infrastructure

hover-image Benedikt Wystup
Matthias Reuber

M.Sc. (Data Scientist)

hover-image Matthias Reuber
Lukas Bogunia

M.Sc.-Phys. (Data Scientist)

hover-image Lukas Bogunia
Michel Sorg

B.Sc. Mathematics (Data Scientist)

hover-image Michel Sorg
Oliver Online

(Energyconsultant/Demografic Expert/Master Data Scientist)

hover-image Oliver Online
Marvin Hebisch

B.Sc. (Software Developer)

hover-image Marvin Hebisch
Matthias Klemm

B.Sc. (Data Scientist)

hover-image Matthias Klemm
Jan-Philipp Dielmann

Banker, B.Sc. (Sales)

hover-image Jan-Philipp Dielmann
Katharina Henneke

B.Sc. (Controlling & Project Management)

hover-image Katharina Henneke
Annika Franz

Industrical Clerk (Assistant to the Managing Director)

hover-image Annika Franz
Ali Ajouz

Dr. rer. nat (Data Scientist)

hover-image Ali Ajouz
Ilya Grigorev

M. Sc. Economic Policy (Data Scientist)

hover-image Ilya Grigorev
Joscha Kessel

B.Sc. (Quality Management Software Development )

hover-image Joscha Kessel
Miriam Krämer

Banker (Sales)

hover-image Miriam Krämer
Saskia Schwarz

B.Sc. (Data Scientist)

hover-image Saskia Schwarz
Laura Kaufmann

(Junior Java-Developer)

hover-image Laura Kaufmann
Marco Arns

B.Sc. (Data Scientist)

hover-image Marco Arns
Thomas Dielmann

Student Computer Science (Data Scientist)

hover-image Thomas Dielmann
Setareh Salehee

B.Sc. SoftwareEngineering (Frontend & Design)

hover-image Setareh Salehee

The statmath DNA in numbers



Favourite drink at work

  • Coffee59%

  • Tea41%

Dog- or Catlover

  • Dog73%

  • Cat27%

Siegerländer vs. Rest of the World

  • Siegerländer50%

  • Rest of the World50%

Tablefootball: Defense vs. Offense

  • Defense73%

  • Offense27%