This is the credo of statmath GmbH. We help to generate added value from the digital traces of customers or production processes.

With the help of our expertise in data analysis, algorithms and software development, we offer both individual solutions and scalable modules for integration into existing platforms.

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We make your data usable with our portfolio of data science, predictive analytics and smart applications. With the help of machine learning and intelligent algorithms, we identify the valuable “digital traces” in the production and customer data of our partners from industry and commerce.

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With demosim, our customers from various public sectors have a measuring and planning instrument at their disposal for strategic decision support. Our flexible simulation models packaged in easy-to-use applications provide digital support for the analysis of demographically driven developments on a small scale.

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energysim enables smart energy management and offers support for energy purchasing and certification. With energysim, SMEs gain transparency in the energy market and reduce their energy procurement costs. We also offer individual solutions for energy suppliers and traders in the areas of forcasting and pricing.


18. November 2021

Sustainable and customized power supply for companies

Generating a sustainable power supply for companies is one of the topics of the sustainKMU research project. The project is funded by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and  statmath GmbH's role is to develop a model that supports companies such as SMEs to efficiently plan and acquire a photovoltaic system for their own power generation. [...]
29. September 2021

KI and today? The lane departure assistant for industrial manufacturing

What AI can already do today in industrial manufacturing was explained by our Managing Director Christian Friedrich on September 22nd at the forum “What can AI do?” of the promotional association of the Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences (HRW) [...]
3. September 2021

Minutes instead of hours – With AI to efficient production planning

In the current edition of Unternehmertum Südwestfalen, statmath GmbH presents the solution s.optimization. s.optimization supports companies in simulating production capacities and production scenarios and in efficiently optimizing the production plan. With the help of artificial intelligence, the optimal production sequence is determined within minutes. Wondering what it takes to deploy the solution? Read the entire article [...]