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Industrial Data Analytics

Next level production  

By 2025, there will be over 30 billion networked devices in the industrial sector, with a data volume of 100 zettabytes. We will ensure that this data becomes your competitive advantage.
From Big Data to Smart Data – We provide you with an overview of large amounts of data and make them available for your use
Optimize your production process:
– Reduction of downtime
– Increase in efficiency and production quality
– Minimization of maintenance-related production stopps
Scalable software solutions, which can be rolled out to all your locations and adapted to your needs


Process optimization in extrusion technology at OTTO FUCHS

How does #ArtificialIntelligence optimize production processes?
Together with OTTO FUCHS KG, a globally active company in the non-ferrous metal industry, we have succeeded in significantly increasing the extrusion speeds of aluminum profiles based on historical production data. 
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“Working with statmath GmbH has given us even more desire for production data, that helps with the digitalization of our processes.”

Jens Achenbach, Innovation Manager at OTTO FUCHS

Customer Data Analytics

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Understand how your customers act and gain a decisive competitive advantage
Use reliable forecasts for planning your sales activities and warehouse optimization

Use detailed Customer Journey analyses to gain new momentum for your online shop or marketing activities
Link production, ERP and sales data to derive an optimal production program